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How to Stretch a Welded Wire Fence?

For effectiveness and a professionally-constructed appearance, wire infill must be installed on the fence so it is level and taut. Special tools are available for this purpose, but may be an unnecessary expense for the non-professional fence builder. Constructing a homemade wire-stretching tool is a quick and inexpensive project that will simplify the job of hanging a wire fence. To use the tool, your assistant attaches the infill material to the fence post as you apply traction to the wire. No special tools or advanced carpentry skills are needed for this project.

Measure the width of the infill wire. Measure and cut a 2-by-4-inch plank, about two-thirds the width of the fencing infill wire. Precise measurement is not necessary. With the cut plank on a flat surface so its 2-inch surfaces are horizontal, use a pencil and yardstick to draw a line down the center of the plank, from end to end. Mark the line with dots, about 6 inches apart.

Drill pilot holes into the plank at each mark on the line, using a drill bit that is slightly smaller in diameter than the threaded shanks of the screw hooks.

Insert the threaded shanks of the screw hooks into the pilot holes. Tighten each hook by turning clockwise until the curved portions of the hooks meet the surface of the plank.

Attach Infill Material
Stand the rolled fencing wire against the first post so it can be unwound and attached to consecutive fence posts. Attach the wire infill material to the first post by positioning poultry staples diagonally across each of the wire intersections of the infill and hammering the staples into the post. Once you have securely attached the infill material to the first post, unroll the fencing wire to span the space between the first and second posts, plus a couple more feet.

Holding the stretching tool vertically, position it near the vertical center of the infill material. Hook the stretching tool onto a vertical wire, 12 inches or so beyond the second post. Pull the stretching tool with both hands to stretch the infill material between the posts. While applying tension on the infill wire, your assistant will attach the wire fencing material to the second post.

Repeat to stretch and attach the wire fencing material to consecutive fence posts.