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How to Install Razor Wire More Easy?

Some customer don’t know how to install razor wire more easy, now we made some step as following.

  • 1

    Load the coils of razor wire onto a vehicle capable of transporting the weight of the material, such as a forklift or tractor. Smaller areas will not require this apparatus.

  • 2

    Anchor the beginning coil of razor wire to an end fence post by using aluminum tie wraps to strap the wire to the fence post and stake the wire into the ground securely with a forked stake. If you do not have access to a fence post, place an aluminum post in the ground to make an anchor post for the wire.

  • 3

    Uncoil the wire by stretching it the entire length of the wall or fence. Ask another person for help in properly stretching the wire evenly. Stand about 20 feet apart from one another, and stretch the wire in sections. The lead person walks 40 feet while stretching, then stops, then the second person walks 20 feet then stops; repeat until you’ve covered the perimeter.

  • 4

    Anchor the ending coil of wire onto the wall or fence post as in Step 2. Then, using forked stakes, anchor the wire into the ground every 5 feet of perimeter.

  • 5

    Repeat this process on the top of the wall or fence if desired (omit the use of forked ground stakes), and use aluminum tie wraps to secure the wire coils to every fence post.

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