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How to install a chain link fence?

To install a chain link fence you need to at least set the two end posts in concrete or the poles will shift causing slack in the fence. You want to keep it tight, so make the ends solidly set. Mark the spots that you want the end poles to be then make sure it’s straight using a piece of string tied to wooden staked pounded in the ground just beyond the ends and in line where you want it to be.
Then dig the holes about 18″ deep by about 10″ wide, The depth depends on the length of the pole. I like to make the hole just a bit shallow to allow the pole to be pressed into the soil just a bit to make it stand free so it doesn’t move while the concrete sets. Get the poles to the proper height above the ground and equal to one another above the ground paying attention to any possible slope . You can use the string and your eye as a guide or a level attached to the string. Measure between the bottoms and tops of the poles to make sure they are the correct distance and use a level to set the poles up perfectly straight. Once you are sure they are okay then set in the concrete.

You can set the concrete three different ways.. Either mix the concrete in a wheelbarrow or a bucket, you could also simply pour the bag in the hole and water it well or place the bag in the ground and drive the pole through the bag. From what I have tried in the past the bag will set when it gets wet, but I prefer to mix it then pour it in the hole. This ensures proper mixing and water distribution.
Once the concrete is in keep an eye on it to make sure nothing bumps the poles and moves them out of place. Wait until the next day or two (depending on humidity and temperature) when it is set up and begin installing the fence.
You could simply drive the other fence poles into the ground since the ends are secure. Set the two poles at even distances roughly 6 ½ feet apart. drive them down until it’s level with the top string. Set it straight with a level and proceed.
Roll out the fence cloth work the flat straps straight up through the fence holes to make a solid end. Place one end up against the pole and attach the brackets around the pole and strap with bolts. Then walk to the other end and hold the fence up to the pole and adjust the end strap so it is in just a bit from the end. Take a piece of rope and tie it to the middle of the post and wrap it around the strap and back up and around the pole go thru a couple times to allow it to hold.
Pull the rope tight thus tightening the fence. You may have to let it all out and adjust the strap back a few notches to make it just about reach the end when it’s tight. Take two more pieces of rope and do the same to the top and bottom. Pull the rope so the fence is tight and straight. Then when it is where you want it clip both ends of the last link and twist the wire up and out of the way so the strap is on the very last link. You may have to loosen the rope just a bit. Get it all back tight then install the end clamps top middle and bottom remove the rope and place some wire on the fence at the middle two poles to keep it tight.
You are pretty much done. I prefer to leave the top open so as to make harder to climb the fence. You could place a rail across the top to make it stronger but since it is just to protect the vinyl fence there is no need for that. Just make sure to put caps on all the posts to keep the water out so it doesn’t rust.

Congratulations you have just installed a chain link fence. Any questions please free contact with us